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HCG Diet Source

Getting started on the hCG diet for beginners


This page is dedicated to those who are new to the hCG Diet. If you are considering doing the hCG Diet this is a good page to learn more about the hCG Diet or Simeons hCG Protocol. If you are still skeptical and wonder if this really works I recommend watching some hcg videos from real people sharing their hCG Diet experiences.


The Basics  


Our website is here to help people learn about the hCG diet but it is not meant as a subsitute for not working with a doctor or a diet therapist.


  If you plan on moving forward and conducting the hCG Diet you will find that this website contains information to help you understand what the hCG Diet involves. Must reads for beginners in order to become more informed are "Simeons hCG Protocol" "Mixing hCG and hCG Doasges" "Injecting HCG" "Important Hcg Diet Tips" and you should also read "HCG Diet FAQ"


The beginner's page is also dedicated to helping you to understand  what to order for the hCG Diet. Before beginning any diet it's good to consult with your own personal medical doctor so that he/she can assist you.


How is hCG used for dieting


hCG is an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The hCG protocol was started by Dr. Simeons his research suggests hCG similarly increases the metabolism similar to a pregnant female. Thousands of calories in stored fat are released, and are used by the body or expelled when hCG is present in the right dosage. The hypothalamus gland moderates the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage, and more importantly, your metabolic rate. For weight loss, only a very small amount of HCG is required to capitalize on these effects. Using hCG for dieting does not mimic pregnancy; it can be used by both men and women. Men in fact tend to lose more weight than women when taking hCG. If you are a man and wondering if this hormone will affect you negatively, then you should know that Doctors give this hormone to both men and women for fertility reasons in very large doses (5000IU to 6500IU). For dieting only 150IU to 200IU is used per day.


There are thousands of people who can testify that you can lose a pound of fat a day and not feel hungry consuming 500 calories per day along with hCG Shots.


Using hCG for dieting dates back to the 1950’s it is a protocol designed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. He used the hCG hormone to help thousands of people lose weight as this was part of his practice. Dr. Simeons is the originator of the hCG protocol, Kevin Trudeau's book "The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About" is what made the hCG Protocol gain its popularity in the USA.


Dr. Simeons Book "Pounds and Inches" can be downloaded for free click here.


How much Weight will I lose?


Women don’t always lose the weight as fast as men. If you are carrying more than 50 lbs of fat, then its normal to lose more weight per day compared to someone who is closer to their ideal weight. The average weight loss results are still incredible even at .6 pounds a day for a women and a pound a day for a man. Some people have lost more than the average. We do not inflate the weight loss numbers so please feel confidant and calculate your hCG dosage needs according to your personal weight loss goals and average lost per day, depending on your sex, and how much weight you need to lose.


Injections or the Oral (sublingual) method


There are two methods of getting the required daily dosage of hCG.

Injecting hCG with a small insulin syringe is the surest way of getting the right dosage. I know most people are intimidated when it comes to needles and shots because sometimes in our lives we all have had shots that didn’t feel good, so why would we ever go there again?  This is the main root causes that has made most people afraid or dislike injections. But the truth is we can not group all injections and syringes as painful because there are too many variables like needle size and type. My point is once you have done one subcutaneous injection with a high quality insulin syringe you will be totally surprised on how easy and painless it really is, don't believe me? Ask any diabetic what it like is to inject yourself with a good quality insulin syringe (the only type we sell), It’s really painless. I started my hCG diet with the oral method because I thought why give myself injections if the sublingual method works. After three weeks of sublingual method I wanted to experience what the injection was like. I practiced holding the insulin syringe and got the technique of a quick jab down by practicing with an orange. I finally built up the nerve to give myself the subcutaneous injection in my belly fat. I was pleasantly surprised that I did not even feel the syringe enter with the quick jab. I became a pro and finished the diet by taking injections. You can ask any diabetic about their first injections and I know they will share a similar intimidation story. After experiencing both methods, I would not recommend the oral method because trying to hold a tiny amount hCG liquid under your tongue still for 15 minutes was not that easy for me. I could never be sure if the hCG was still under my tongue after a few minutes, and I would always be wondering how much hCG I really absorbed. Now that I have tried both ways I will always recommend the injection method over the oral method because I personally know it's easy, painless and more precise. You will use half as much HCG compared to the oral method, and you can lose more weight with injections because you will have more control on getting a precise hCG daily dosage. If you're still scared of needles or if its not legal to purchase needles in your state with out a prescription than you should do the sublingual (oral) method. Sublingual does work; I lost 25lbs in my first 3 weeks doing sublingual hCG but the oral method does require double the amount of hCG and it will take 30 to 40 minutes of your time each day compared to one simple fast injection in the morning.


How much hCG should I use or inject?


Dr. Simeons dosage is 125 IU to 175 per day


Kevin Trudeau book says 175 IU - 200 IU Per day


Some hCG Diet clinics  are using up to 250 IU Per day; most people start at 175IU per day and adjust up or down from there. Most will use a subcutaneous injection in the belly in between the belt line and belly button and alternate from side to side for injections. This is an area which will cause no pain or sting because it's mostly fat tissue.


Hunger is not normal with hCG and the 500 calorie diet


If you experiencing hunger after one week of hCG treatments you can try increasing the dosage by 25IU. If an increase of 25IU does not help after 3 days then you can also try going back and lowering your dosage by 25 IU from your starting dosages. Never exceed 250IU. Some people have report they have less hunger by lowering the dosage, but I would think it’s safe to say they started with 175IU or higher. Also remember that Doctors normally prescribe hCG for fertility, and the dosage for fertility is 5000IU to 6500IU in one big intramuscular injection. The hCG side effects people report are based on these multiple high dose injections not the small diet dosages which are 32 times less potent (125IU to 200IU). These dosage recommendations are not for homeopathic hCG.


Keto Sticks


Keto sticks are great for maximizing your weight loss. Keto sticks will tell you how much fat your metabolizing. They work by measuring ketones in your urine. So by taking some readings in your early stages of the diet you could adjust your hCG dosage to maximize your weight loss.


How is hCG Packaged


HCG comes in a variety of dosage sizes 1500IU to 10,000IU (IU = International Units). 2000IU and 5000IU are the most popular sizes. It’s in powder form and comes in 2 different styles of small glass containers called Ampoule's and Vials. The differences between the two styles are vials have a rubber seal top that require you to poke the needle thru with a syringe to get out the contents. The other style is called an ampoule; it requires you to snap the glass top off which may not always break off without glass falling inside the container. The ampoule style container can at times require the use of a syringe filter. We recommend the brands of hCG that have the rubber seal. The hCG Vials and Ampoules come with just a tiny amount of freeze dried powder inside. This powder will need to be reconstituted with a liquid before it can be used. What liquid you will use to reconstitute it with depends on a number of things, if your going to do the sublingual method you will be using a sublingual B-12 liquid product and for more instructions on mixing HCG for oral use please read the Real HCG Drops


How is hCG Mixed


If your going to inject hCG, you will be mixing it with a sterile water solution know as bacteriostatic water or with sodium chloride sterile mixing water, for the longest time it was common to just use bacteriostatic water for mixing hCG . Recently a doctor by the name of Dr.Gredde has come on the scene to say hCG is very delicate and that alcohol destroys HCG, and that you should use the same type of sterile water that came with your hCG in order to keep the IU ratio of the hormone the same. Now we know that people have had great success without going to great extremes in order to duplicate the same water that the hCG originally came with but if you wanted to follow Dr. Gredde's recommendations then you need to know what type of mixing diluent your hCG come with. It comes with Bacteriostatic water or Sodium chloride. You can specify the mixing solution of your choice when you order a mixing kit from our website. By default we provide bacteriostatic water in all of our mixing kits. The hCG you order will not have enough sterile mixing water because hcg is packaged for a large single dosage. Do not make the mistake of mixing hCG for a single dose as the orginal mixing instructions that may be on the packaging is not how you would mix it for off lable use. One package of hCG only comes with enough mixing solution for only one shot and it is packaged this way because hCG is packaged for a single injection. Remember hCG is on the market as a pregnacy drug to help couples have babies. hCG used for dieting is considered off lable use to doctors and its mixed differently for the diet. After mixing or reconstituting hCG with the right sterile solution it needs to kept refrigerated and out of the light to prevent it from decay. You should not mix more than a 30 day supply because you want it to remain potent. hCG can be injected once a day or taken sublingually (hold mixture under tongue) in the proper dosage two times a day.


If you plan on mixing your own drops you will need to purchase twice as much hCG over the hCG injection method because the sublingual method is not a precise way to absorb the correct dosage. This is why the dosage is doubled compared to injections. Injections are the precise way of getting the correct dosage as long as your hCG has not been damaged by light, heat,or has been mixed by shaking. Remember hCG is very delicate. Both methods work, but the injections are a proven positive controlled way of dosage. The sublingual drop method consists of holding the mixture under your tongue for 5 to 15 minutes and that can be a challenge for some people. The oral method can causes dosage variance because you never absorb the same amount each time.


hCG Math


Your first step is knowing how much hCG you need, and then order your supplies based on the number of days you need to be on this diet. You will be on this diet for a minimum of 21 days to a maximum of 42 days. You will lose 20 to 40 pounds on average. If you need to lose more weight, you will complete the 42 day cycle and restart 8 weeks later.


Base your hCG order from your weight and the number of injections (21 to 42). If you do the 42 day (6 weeks) plan, it’s recommended to skip one injection per week (36 total injections / 6 weeks). Double the hCG if you go sublingual (oral method). Dosages for injection and sublingual can be found in the Mixing hCG and Dosage Page.


Knowing how much HCG you will order simplifies what hCG supplies you will need to order to perform the diet

Ordering hCG and Mixing Kits Simplified


Most people do not understand the International Unit's method of dosage. Our user-friendly explanation will help you understand the International Unit's dosage system, after you understand it will make it easy to order the correct products for the weight you want to lose. Ordering the right amount of hCG deeply depends on how much weight you want to lose. Average weight loss for men is one pound a day and .6 lbs per day for women. The common dosage is 175 units a day for injection, but recently some sources on the internet are saying to increase dosage to 200IU-250 IU. So if I want to lose 30 pounds, and use the 175IU dosage for 30 days, I would need a total of 5250 International (175x30) units of hCG. hCG comes in different size containers called ampoules and vials; the most common sizes are 2000IU and 5000IU. So one 5000IU of hCG would yield 28 injections if I choose to inject 175IU per day. Three 2000IU would give me 6000IU and this would yield 34 injections. Our hCG mixing kits are designed for the different sizes of HCG Ampoules/Vials, 2000IU Ampoules, or the bigger 5000IU to 10000IU Ampoules/Vials of hCG.


IU (International Unit) Easy Analogy


To give you an easy analogy so that you understand the International Unit and how it relates to HCG Ampoules/Vials and dosages, Just think of the numbers like this , 2000IU , 5000IU or 10000IU and just think of it as how many pills the hCG bottle contains. For example and for illustration purpose only! hCG does not come in pill form. We tell a pill analogy to just give ab illustration to help people understand the International units of measurement.


I have one 5000IU Ampoule of hCG it contains 5000 pills.

I want to take 175 pills a day as my dosage.

If I take 175 pills a day this will last me 28.5 days before I run out of pills.

5000 Divided by 175 = 28.5 days before the bottle is empty

Ok let’s say I want to take 150IU dosage.

5000 Divided by 150 = 33.3 days before the bottle is empty


So in realty I am mixing the hCG with the correct proportion of pure sterile water solution (bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride). I mix the hCG powder with the correct amount of solvent which is based from our Hcg mixing formula page . Our mixing kits contain the solvent water you need to mix hCG, by default they come with bacteriostatic water, you can specify a different type in the comment section in checkout when ordering if you would like a different type of solvent water.


The mixing page will tell you how much sterile solvent water to mix with your hCG Ampoules/Vials based on size of your hCG Vial and the dosage you desire. For example I will inject .35 cc's per day with a dosage of 175 IU (International Units) per day if I mixed 5000HCG Ampoule with 10 cc's of bacteriostatic water, It would be consumed in 28.5 days if I inject .35 cc's daily. (35 on the 1 cc syringe)


Mixing formulas can be found Here - HCG Diet Mixing formulas


Another way to figure out how much HCG you need is to simply multiply your dosage amount times the number of days you want to be on the diet.


Example: 175IU x 30 = 5250 I would order one 5000IU hCG and one 2000IU hCG and now I would have a little extra so that I can extend the diet longer than 30 days if needed, and I would consider ordering a 42 day mixing/injection kit instead of the 30 day mixing/injection kit if you are considering the need to possibly extend your diet longer than 30 days.


hCG Buying Formula

Take the number of days you want to be on the hCG diet and multiply it by Potency of the injection. (Number of Days) x (175IU) This gives you the total amount of hCG international units you will need to order. (Number of days) X 300 if you intend to take it sublingually.

Example: (if plan to inject) 28 days x 175UI = 4900IU . You would buy one 5000 IU ampoule

5000IU or 2000IU Mixing /injection kits what's the difference in these kits?


There is a variety of mixing kits because the bigger hCG Ampoules/Vials (5000IU-10,000IU) require a bigger sterile mixing vial in order to mix and store HCG a large 5000IU - 10,000IU Ampoules/Vials. The 5000-10000 kits will come with 30ml sterile storage vials and 12ml mixing syringes and the 2000IU kits will contain multiple 10ml sterile mixing vials and 3ml mixing sryinges  sterile vials for mixing multiple 2000IU Ampoules/Vials. The mixing syringes are size optimized to help make mixing more precise.  There is a small advantage with the smaller size 2000IU Ampoules/Vials of hCG because a smaller quantity will be consumed faster after its mixed, its always better to mix the smaller Ampoules/Vials of hCG and use them one at a time before mixing another one, this guarantees that your mixed hCG remains potent because you wont be storing it in the refrigerator as long. The 10,000IU Ampoules/Vials size are good for couples who will share the mixed container. Mixed hCG should not be stored longer than 30 days.


Please buy kits and supplies from us if you do decide to conduct the hCG Diet. We dont recommend ordering a mixing kits from an overseas because it may contain low quality syringes. The other disadvantages are it will cost more, and will take longer to arrive compared to buying your hCG diet supplies from us.


hCG and hCG Mixing kit Recommendations

Some hCG brands are easier to work with because they have rubber seals.


One hCG 5000IU  and one Vial and 2000IU  would be a good choice for a 30 day supply of hCG along with our 23-30/5000 kit injection kit. This is perfect if you just want to try it and experience the difference of losing a lot of weight in a short time frame can make, but consider buying a 42 day kit if you will want to extend the diet longer than 30 days.


* Buy 42 day mixing/injection kit for 5000IU Ampoules/Vials

* Buy 42 day Hcg mixing/injection kit for 2000IU Ampoules/Vials

* Buy 30 day Hcg mixing/injection kit for 5000IU Ampoules/Vials

* Buy 30 day HCG Mixing/injection kit for 2000IU Ampoules/Vials


Or visit the HCG Diet Buy HCG Supplies Buy Now Page


If you heavy set and have a lot of abnormal weight to lose then you will need to start with a 42 day cycle and will need multiple 42 day hCG treatment cycles and take 8 week breaks between hCG treatments


You mite want to consider ordering enough hCG and supplies to take advantage of quantity discount pricing and saving on the shipping cost if your going to need more than one 42 day cycle.


You can also order 10,000IU HCG Ampoules/Vials but we only recommend that size to couples who will both share it because that size will end up being stored longer than 30 days when a single person uses it.


hCG manufacturing standards


All pharmaceutical labs that manufacture hCG in all countries have very strict sterilization guidelines in order to be compliant with the FDA standards. Just do your homework.